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Business at Peter Ambrose

Peter Ambrose are specialists in Business User Solutions.

Whether it be business finance, leasing and Contract Hire, Fleet Management or aftersales and servicing, Peter Ambrose have the knowledge and experience. Give us a call now, see how we can help you.

We realise how important it is for small businesses to have the right vehicles, at an affordable price without the decision taking up too much time. At Peugeot we can offer you the range of vehicles you need at a price you can afford. Furthermore, our aim is to simplify the process of buying a business vehicle, which is why we can provide the vehicle and the finance in one easy step.


As a leading Peugeot dealer, Peter Ambrose has many years’ experience in Peugeot fleet and commercial sales. All vehicles in the Peugeot car and Peugeot van ranges are available for purchase as business vehicles and can be funded by Peugeot business financing.

Experienced business sales specialists at Peter Ambrose offer expert information and advice to local businesses. Whether you are looking to purchase a single business vehicle or an entire fleet, you’ll find the Peugeot business advisors at Peter Ambrose will be more than happy to help.


Peugeot business sales specialists offer information and assistance on every aspect of your commercial vehicle purchase. From selecting your vehicle to arranging Peugeot business finance, your dedicated business sales specialist will be with you every step of the way. Cash purchase, finance lease and contract hire purchase are all available. Ask your business sales specialist for further information.

Expert Peugeot and local business knowledge The business sales team at Peter Ambrose has extensive knowledge of the Peugeot product range as well as the local business environment. This combined knowledge means that they offer exceptional advice when purchasing a business vehicle in West Yorkshire. Your Peugeot business sales specialist will also take the time to understand your exact needs to ensure the best vehicle choice for your business.


Here at Peter Ambrose, we understand the significant investment that a new business vehicle represents. Our aim is to ensure that you find the best vehicle for your business needs in order to maximise the return on your investment. Contact the Peugeot business sales team today to find out more about the Peugeot commercial services available to you and your business.              

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