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This handy three-year finance package takes care of all your motoring costs, including insurance, in one monthly cost. So all you need to do is choose your Peugeot, add fuel and go.​​


  • Choose how much deposit you want to pay – from nothing at all up to 40% of the car price.
  • Sign up for your 3-year contract which covers the cost of the car, your insurance, your car tax, your warranty, roadside assistance and servicing.
  • Enjoy hassle-free motoring for three years at a fixed, monthly cost.
  • Choose a different car on a new contract, or hand your car back, with nothing more to pay
  • At the end of your three-year contract you can decide what you want to do: You can buy your Peugeot by paying what we agreed it to be worth at the beginning of your contract, so you’ll own it outright. Or you can part-exchange it for another brand new car.


  • The payments are fixed so you don’t need to worry about cost every month.​
  • All your motoring costs and the related paperwork are taken care of for you in one, easy payment, except the cost of petrol.​
  • The Just Add Fuel insurance covers up to three drivers over the age of 18 on 108, 208 and 2008, so it’s ideal for families.



  • Passport Purchase gives you a manageable way to own a brand new car. With fixed monthly payments and a term that you decide on, Passport Purchase is an affordable way to own a car.


  • No or low initial rental deposit required.
  • Estimate your annual mileage – this will set the anticipated future value of your car and the final payment.
  • You decide on the length of your payment term, and therefore how much your monthly payments will be.
  • At the end of the term you have three options; pay the optional final payment and own the car, return the car to Peugeot with nothing further to pay (subject to mileage and condition), or part exchange your car for a new one.


  • Low initial outlay available but initial deposit can be tailored up to 40% of the vehicle price to suit your budget.​
  • The option of owning your car outright.
  • Fixed monthly payments to help you plan your finances.



  • Our hire purchase package means you can buy a brand new Peugeot and pay if off with fixed monthly payments. And if you choose a car from our representative 0% APR offers range, you won’t pay any interest at all.


  • Choose the deposit you want to pay – it can be anything from nothing up to 75% of the car price.
  • Choose the length of your loan repayment period up to 60 months, and set your equal monthly repayment amounts.
  • All of these things will affect how much you pay each month. And if you choose a Peugeot from our 0% offers range, you won’t have to pay any interest at all.
  • At the end of your agreed loan repayment period, you just pay your final instalment on your Peugeot so you own it outright.


  • The payments are fixed so you don’t need to worry about cost every month​
  • The deposit is flexible, so you can get a chunk of your car paid off straightaway if you want to.


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